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Domestic Roof Repairs in Coventry – RD Roofing

All house roofs are exposed to the elements and over time will eventually be affected by wear and tear caused by weather. As a result, most house roofs will experience a wide range of roof damage including cracked tiles, dislodged or loose slate, split guttering and roof movement.

At RD Roofing Coventry we have over 27 years experience in dealing and resolving roof problems and repairing damage to your house roof, often caused by stormy weather. RD Roofing  have continued to develop their specialist domestic roof repairs in Coventry so that today we are the preferred roof repair company for home owners in and around Coventry no matter which of our services they need.

Emergency Roofing Services

At RD Roofing we understand that the roof over your Coventry home is one of the most important structural elements of your house and therefore any problems arising that might cause a risk to the contents of your home and your health need to be dealt with promptly and efficiently.


A damaged house roof can soon cause a major leak, with water causing major damage to the contents of your home, which is why RD Roofing offer domestic customer annual home roof servicing to help identify any roof problems and repair them before they become more serious. Furthermore, regular maintenance should help prolong the life of the roof on your home. Our emergency roof repairs in Coventry services are available round the clock 7 days a week so if you spot a problem late at night, or early morning, or your roof is damaged in a storm, pick up the phone and speak to a qualified roofer whenever you might need us.

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RD Roofing have been undertaking domestic roof repairs in Coventry and the surrounding areas for over 27 years. This is reflected in a growing portfolio of Coventry customers who trust us with their roof repair work.